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Review RT47V-Real Experience for Mushroom Hunting

RT47V is the VHF band MURS radio, IP67 waterproof radio, no need license to use walkie talkie

by Cherry

I choose Retevis RT47V as my communication gear for mushroom hunting.

1, Why did I choose Retevis RT47V?

Before purchasing, I want some reliable two-way communication for me and whoever I’m with. After researching, the best option for me seemed to be a waterproof MURS radio. Since VHF supposedly does better in forests and in rugged terrain.

I hike, kayak, fish, backpack, camp, and mushroom hunting. We need to use the walkie-talkies outside, so We choose the waterproof, and Retevis RT47V meets all my requirements.

2, What is Mushroom Hunting?

Mushroom hunting is the activity of gathering mushrooms in the wild.

And some countries, this is a common family activity. The whole families often venture into the nearest forest, picking bucketfuls of mushrooms. These will be cooked and eaten for dinner.

Retevis RT47V for Mushroom Hunting

3, Reviewed Retevis RT47V for Mushroom Hunting

This RT4V MURS radio performed great on a recent mushroom hunt. We were able to communicate with an inside voice.

We didn’t test the range too much during this trip. At most we were 100 yards, but around bends/hills/foliage. Loud and clear.

And the waterproof feature is excellent for rainy conditions. A couple of times, however, one person’s voice would suddenly come in very muffled. We realized it was just a small drop of water lodged in the mic holes. Just smack the walkie-talkie RT47V in your hand to dislodge it.  Loud and clear once again.

If you clip the radio to your backpack strap in a way that is perpendicular to the ground, this shouldn’t happen very often if at all.

Small, sturdy, and light. For backpacking, mushroom hunting, and camping, I think this Retevis RT47V will be a great radio tool.

I also love the simplicity. No screen, one knob to turn on, and a couple of channel-select buttons.

4, Conclusion

My initial impression after this single rainy hike is that this is an excellent product. I look forward to testing its range and utility for various activities. I like this RT47V radio, I like this Waterproof MURS radio RT47V.


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