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Retevis walkie talkie for hunting

by retevis

Dear Friend, do you like hunting? For me, I think hunting really challenging and full of enjoy!

What stuffs will you prepare for a hunting? You must say camp, shotgun, ammunition, glove, protective-glass, sun cream, contingency drug…. Well, I think SAFE is the most import thing! So please don’t forget to take several pieces walkie talkie for hunting. Why? Because in the hunting place, there probably suddenly no phone signal, but walkie talkie still working  in the omnipresent nature “radio wave”.

What Retevis walkie talkie is most suitable for hunting?

Retevis RT1, a high power 10W walkie talkie, is very polular in hunting groups. With a high power, the communication range can be farther than 5W radio. 3600 mah lithium ion battery, up to 260 hours super-long standby time, you can connect with your partners in a longer distance, use the radio for longer time, this makes your hunting more safe, do you agree with me?

retevis rt1

For walkie talkie for hunting, first, it’s better to deploy an earpiece with mic., remember to turn the volume of the radio lower. Otherwise when you are stare at a prey, but suddently hear a big sound from the radio earpiece, maybe, you will throw your gun away.Haha!

Second, it’s better to open the VOX function of radio, then you can make hands-free, when you need transmit, you can directly talk, without press PTT again.

In addition, when you are using radio in a rainy forest or place, then one professional water-proof walkie talkie need. Retevis RT6 is IP67 professional water-proof radio.

retevis rt6
Walkie talkie is so important in hunting, when you got lost with your group, you can find your group member easily, remember to find a relatively higher position for transmitting, this way signal transmits farther.

Any other things you want to learn about Retevis walkie talkie for hunting? Please feel free to email to kam@retevis.com. We are always here to help!

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