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Retevis RT84 Reviews by Ham operators

by Cherry

Retevis RT84 reviews  by lots of ham operators. We collected some reviews to help you make decision.

Retevis RT84 Reviews by Ham radio 2.0

A new dual band DMR HT is on the market from Retevis, with a model number of RT84. In this video, we try to load an RT82 codeplug into the radio, I show you the size comparison to the RT82, and we go through the menu of the radio. Some features of this radio match other DMR HTs and some features are different, so I hope you enjoy this short video.

Retevis RT84 dual band FM and DMR hand hand-held transceiver features:

  1. Large color screen to display almost all the information you need to know;
  2. The keyboard layout is reasonable and the buttons have a good tactile feel;
  3. You can input the frequency directly;
  4. SMS function and receive memory to record the call log and message log;
  5. Digital encryption to encrypt your voice and make your conversation more safer;
  6. Alarm which is good for travel or emergency;
  7. The most important is it can easily get into the repeater and the firmware and software update is lifetime free.

Retevis RT84 Review from ki4lla.us

A solid built, low cost dual-band DMR/Analog handheld transceiver that would be a good entry-level radio.
It has a hefty feel and slightly larger size than the TYT MD-380 or Anytone D868. Yet still thinner than the Ailunce HD1 or commercial Motorola rigs. The on/off/volume and channel selector knobs have a solid click and expected resistance when turned. The channel selector does not have the 16-position dial like some older models. Thus, there is not an artificial 16 channel limit to a Zone (most all of the new dual-band DMR radios also have this feature).

The radio software has a very familiar look, somewhat like the TYT MD-2017 or MD-UV380 models. However, I was not able to import a code plug from any other DMR radio that I had on hand. As an alternative, I was able to export a Channel and Contact CSV file from my MD-UV380 code plug and used those to import into the RT84 CPS software.

This made creating a new code plug for this radio a little bit easier. There is no functionality to import the DMR ID Database in the RT84 CPS and no other software options were available for this model.


  • Lower entry level cost – under $95
  • Memory can hold 3,000 Channels and 10,000 Group/Private Contacts
  • Color Display
  • Larger, hefty case (may be better suited for larger hands)
  • Large, back-lit keys
  • Three programmable side buttons plus user programmable P1 and P2 keys
  • RT84 has the ability to upload the CSV database. Can save up to 120,000 contacts.


  • Slightly smaller 2,000 mAh Li-Ion battery- Battery capacity 2000mah.

Retevis RT84 Dual Band DMR & FM Radio Review by M6ceb

this is one of the things I love about DMR and Retevis, you can get into DMR for a very little money, it is a fantastic mode and is by far my favourite.

The build quality is very good too! I have taken this radio everywhere and dropped it several times and it just keeps on working. The large speaker on the front that sounds very good, definitely one of the better ones I have heard. Take away on Holidays or camping ect, this RT84 seemed to fit the bill perfectly.


Any question about this DMR dual band Amateur Radio Retevis RT84, please leave message or email us: partner@retevis.com

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