Retevis RT57 wireless business Calling Device

Retevis RT57 wireless business Calling Device is duplex wireless intercom system, widly used on family , office and outdoor activity

Simple introduction
Retevis RT57

Menu key:
Press one time, there is a radio ID on the display to make a private call
Press two times, you can change different channels by up and down key
Press three times, You can set the device receiving call ring

Setting the volume:
Press <▲>or <▼>key to adjust volume level and it also works during communication

Setting automatic answer and ring tone:

Press <M> three times to set ring tone: Press <▲>or <▼>key to display the figure 1,2,3,4,5
Figure1: to answer a call, no ring; Figure 2: to answer a call after a ring tone, Figure 3/4/5: to press <Call> to answer a call after a ring tone

Main features:

1.Duplex mode: Two devices can talk at the same time, not traditional simplex mode
2.Not only It can do a private call to another device, but also make group call on multiple devices
3.10 selectable channels, which can communicate same advice and also talk with other handheld radio under same frequency and CTCSS code

Wide application:

Family application

1.You can put the intercom to anywhere, bedroom, kitchen, baby room, living room, elder room, garage etc.
2..You can make a group call or a private dialogue to different room

Office application
1.You can make a private meeting with the specific people
2.You can make a emergency notice or quickly meeting by the group call function
3.Different department can make a communication freely

Outdoor application

1.You can take intercom to anywhere, No WIFI requirement.
2.Talking other walkie talkie system for outdoor activity

10 selectable channels with default frequency

You can set your handheld radio to follow the RT57 frequency list, then try to make communication each other

If you would like to learn more about RT57, please check by this link:

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