Retevis RT5

Retevis RT5 each of keypad functions

As we all know,Retevis RT5 has more functions,like VOX,FM and so on,but do you know how to turn on and off the function?What function does each button on Retevis RT5 represent?Let me to tell you.

Retevis RT5


The Retevis RT5 keyboard features are as follows:

  1. STEP:Frequency stepto select(5/5/10/12.5/25/50kHz)
  2. TXP: Can switch the transmit power(7W/5W/IW)
  3. SAVE:Battery save function can be turned on and off
  4. VOX:This function is not necessary to push the [PTT] on the transceiver for a transmission. Transmission is activated automatically by detecting the radio voice. When finish speaking, the transmission automatically terminated and the transceiver will automatically receive signal. Be sure to adjust the VOX Gain level to an appropriate sensitivity to allow smooth transmission.
  5. WN: Switch the Wide band and Narrow band.
  6. ABR: Can display illumination
  7. SQL:The squelch mute the speaker of the transceiver in the absence of reception. With the squelch level correctly set, you will hear sound only while actually receiving signals and significantly reduces battery current consumption. It is recommended that you set Level 5.
  8. TDR:This feature allows you to operate between frequency A and frequency B,periodically,the transceiver checks whether a signal is received on another frequency that we have scheduled,if you receive a signal,the unit will remain inthe frequency until the received signal disappears
  9. BEEP:Keypad beep turns ON or OFF.
  10. TOT:the function can automatically control the time we transmit each time you press the PTT on the transceiver.this feature is very useful to avoid overheating excessive power transikstors of the transceiver,the transceiver will be off transmission automatically once the set time.

11.Keypad lock prevents you from wrong operation.Press [#] key for 2s to lock/unlock the keypad.

Under channel mode, press [#] key to switch High/Low transmit power.


12.SCAN:Press the [SCAN] key to activate the Reverse function,it will exchange a separate reception and transmission frequency.

When you are familiar with the button functions of Retevis RT5,it will be more easy to operate the walkie talkie for you.


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