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How the Retevis RT3 communicate with H777

by Julia

How the Retevis RT3 communicate with H777

1. What requirement should must meet if two radio want to communicate?

1).They all by Analog radio or Digital radio
2).They can set up same frequency/Channel (They have the same frequency range.)
3).They can set up same CTCSS/DCS.


2. How to set up the RT3 communicate with H777.

Retevis RT3 is one digital radio, but it has both Digital and Analog mode.
H777 just Possess the Analog mode.


Step 1: Choose the RT3 Channel mode by “Analog” at Software.

Step2: Choose the RT3 and H777 common frequency range to confirm they can set up same frequency.

Step3: Set up the same frequency/Channel at the RT3 and H777 software:

Step4: Set up same CTCSS/DCS or all don’t set. (Keep same is ok)

Step5: Connect the PC and Radio by programming cable. Click “Write data”

Now are u clearly how the Retevis RT3 communicate with H777? Any other questions, pls contact us: vip@retevis.com. Welcome.

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