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The most cool waterproof walkie talkies——Retevis RT29

by retevis

Retevis water-proof RT29 is easier for beginners to operate than a digital one.

As a hand-held walkie-talkie, RT29 is equipped with 10W UHF and VHF, so the communication distance is longer than the general analog walkie-talkie. And consumers will have more choices when buying. At the same time, the RT29 is equipped with a larger battery. It will make the walkie-talkie standby time longer.SO users will no longer have to worry about running out of power when they go out.

As a walkie-talkie with a large battery capacity, Retevis RT29 is ideal for outdoor sports.  such as hunting, camping, traveling, and cycling. First of all, don’t worry about power. Secondly, the communication distance is also very far.  Users can keep in touch with each other well even they are blocked by tall buildings or mountains. In addition, it is equipped with an IP67 dust-proof and water-proof function.

Retevis RT29

Retevis RT29

In the event of a dust storm or rainy weather, the walkie-talkie can still be used normally. Meanwhile, the alarm function equipped with RT29 can also send the alarm timely to ensure the safety of users. As a result, the most cool radio Retevis water-proof RT29  is widely used by farmers, Walmart, warehouses, campers, hunters, fishers, security companies, and businesses.

For its scrambler function. Users can set scrambler function ON/OFF on every working channel. Scrambler function is one of the ways for information encryption. Scrambler is to restore the transmission spectrum through the spectrum to complete the change of the transmission spectrum, and to restore the signal after receiving it, so that achieve voice encryption finally. And each channel can select scrambler groups independently.

Also, other functions such as Busy Channel Lockout, VOX, CTCSS/DCS, Scan Switch,.Squelch level, and so on are also equipped on this radio. So you can choose RT29 for many purposes!

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