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Retevis RT29 Long Range Radio—— Better Performance

by retevis

As one of the bestselling models, Retevis RT29 is a radio gaining a lot of good feedbacks and reviews.

Some guys like Retevis RT29 is because of its sturdy body. The product team designed it with a medium-size antenna, strong and cool body, you can hold it easily. It is bigger than some other mini radio, but you can hold it easily, and the battery capacity is much bigger than those mini radios. So the standby time is much longer than those small battery capacity radios.


Retevis RT29 has UHF and VHF respectively.

For the UHF section, it has better penetration on walls than VHF does, so most companies, factories, and construction sites and so on are likely to UHF radio to get more convenience.

For the VHF section, it has better performance in an outdoor and open environment. Such as farmland, forest, seaside, hunting place, etc. It has great performance in those places.

Somebody worries about the communication range, take it easy,  you can buy with ease. Retevis is equipped with the 10w output power, the communication range is longer and longer than those 2w radios. And as we said before, the battery can assure you a long communication distance.

Also, IP67 waterproof function is very thoughtful, for some jobs, the workers working in the farmland or factories, may work with many clouds of dust and the radio may have a short life cycle, so IP67 is vital to protect radio has better performance and long longevity.

If you have any questions about our product, please email us: partner@retevis.com or leave messages below.




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