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Retevis RT29 ——best choice for fisherman!

by James

“Life is like chocolate. You never know what the next one will be.” The same goes for fishing. Before you lift a rod, you never know whether you can catch fish or what fish you will catch. But bring a radio such a Retevis rt29 with you can bring you more convenience!

Fishing is the primitive happiness of mankind, hidden in our genes because fishing, hunting, and gathering meet the needs of human survival in the early days. The direct point is that because of genetic reasons, fishing and hunting can also stimulate our body’s excitement and make us happy.

Fishing equipment is very important, it can help you catch fishes easily! You also need a radio as a communication tool if you driving your boat or car too far! Thinking about that: in some remote areas and seasides, there is no signal, and your iPhone is not working, how will you communicate with your friends when you catch a very big fish? So keeping a radio with you is an advisable choice!

So what functions we need on the radio for fishermen? Absolutely the distance, battery capacity, and waterproof! And we choose one radio for you: Retevis RT29

Retevis RT29 Long diatance radio

Retevis RT29 Long diatance radio

For its distance: the transmitting power is 10w, the transmitting distance is very long! So you can talk with people at a very long distance!

For its battery capacity: RT29 has a battery of 3200mAh, this battery capacity is the larger one in most radios, so the endurance is very strong!

For its waterproof function:Retevis RT29 is equipped with an IP67 waterproof function, so you will not worry about the bad weather or water thing!

You will find the real benefits if you have a try!

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