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Retevis RT21 walkie talkie with car charger

by AmazonUS

Retevis RT21 walkie talkie designed new radio,It can connect with car charger. Package also has a USB wire,so that you also can easily to found charging way.

It is the best choice for us to travel or work outdoor. The durable radio body of RT21 also works well for various environment.

The advantage of connecting Retevis RT21 walkie talkie with car charger

This combination comes with a USB car charger, which you can charge anywhere at any time ,without carrying the heavy charging base or replacement battery.

Retevis RT21 walkie talkie, the 1100mAh battery can support 8-12 hours working when fully charged,So you don’t worry about losing contact with your friends.

The advantage with car charger is that:

1.it is more convenient to use on the car. You can keep on the way when you are traveling, it will be useful for you to keep connect with your partner

2.The car charger can charge directly with the Retevis RT21 walkie talkie body, you don’t need to carry a heavy charging base.

Just only connecting one charging cable. It is very easy to carry and you can charge anywhere at any time.The car charger also supports charging your phones.

More and more brands of walkie-talkies in the market are full of our eyes. When they give us more choices, we also have no choice at the same time.

Only by knowing more about their features and functions of products, we can make the best use of them. Choose the one what are more suitable for us in the walkie-talkies.


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