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Retevis RB85 Business Radio noise reduction function introduction

by Elsa Jin

Retevis RB85 noise reduction Business Radios is the latest and first two-way radio, that can realize noise reduction when you transmit to others in a noise environment. Like concert, night club, manufacture, garden, etc..We will learn RB85 radio noise reduction function today.

noise cancelling radio

Do you know why RB85 can realize radio noise reduction function? We will explain as below:

noise environment
Electronic noise reduction: 1. By short pressing the side button 1, ON/OFF—electronic noise reduction function; 2. Electronic noise reduction can shield the ambient sound around the caller. After earphones are attached, the electronic noise reduction function does not work. 3. Electronic noise reduction is a processing method in which an IG1202 noise reduction chip is integrated in the RB85 device, and the environmental sound around the caller is screened and shielded, and only the call voice is transmitted to the opposite receiver.

noisy factory
Electronic noise reduction instructions: 1. Use IG1202 Technology noise reduction chip, combined with NAU88C22 low-power wideband mono audio codec, to achieve voice noise reduction function. Including DNN voice noise reduction module, standby power consumption 0.5mW, working power consumption is 15mW; 2. With this noise reduction chip, there is no need to search and match noise samples. Mainly because this AI processor has performed machine learning on more than 400 million voice data samples (including 200 million foreign language voice samples), and can quickly find the most suitable model and parameters for each audio segment through the DNN network, which can realize intelligent recognition Including various noise scenes such as restaurants/meeting venues, bus, subway and train stations, wind noise, music noise, etc.; 3. The core of the noise reduction chip is an AI processor designed for voice noise reduction, through a 3-layer deep learning network (DNN network) Realize the processing and output of the original sound, in which each layer of the network has 1028 nodes; in addition, the computing power of this AI processor can reach 1012ops/W, which can realize calculation processing for specially compressed sound signals;

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