Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Two Way Radio

RA86 is a 20 watts GMRS Mobile Two Way Radio, a small body, all functions can be operated by Integrated Control Microphone

GMRS Mobile Two Way Radio

Appearance introduction

GMRS Mobile Radio Retevis GMRS radio

Due to all functions that need to be operated by the handheld mic, you have to learn more about all keys in the handheld mic

The advantage of Integrated Control Microphone is that the mobile radio can be moved and placed anywhere
It successfully solves the issue of installation in traditional mobile radio

Package detail

Radio Base*1
Handheld Speaker Mic*1
Car Charger with Fuse Holder*1
Screw Packs*1
Mobile Mounting Bracket*1
Microphone Bracket*1
User manual*1

Except for the original antenna in the package, it also can connect other mobile antenna, like C9027A

The programming cable is J9131P:
Please download and install the USB driver and programming software under the support page of the product

Main features

A. 20watts GMRS mobile radio
B. Integrated Control Microphone
C.NOAA weather scan and alert

Application environment

The mobile radio mainly install in the car for outdoor, like Outdoor Team Rally, Cross-country races, and so on

GMRS Mobile Two Way Radio

Do you interest in buying one Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Two Way Radio, I believe that you must like this new mobile radio
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