Retevis Noise Reduction Lightweight Mountain radio

RA55 is the first Noise Reduction Lightweight Mountain radio system
It is designed for who like climb Mountains to provide clear communication in rugged outdoor environments such as mountains and forests

RA55 is one popular option for climbing Mountain, the intelligent noise reduction feature
It reduces background noise and improve voice clarity. This makes it easier to communicate effectively, even in noisy or windy conditions
You can imagine how important it is to reduce noise when facing the wind in the mountains

RA55 has a lightweight design as the same as other radios such RT22 and RT22P, making it convenient to carry during outdoor activities
However, the difference is that it has Coil Spring Chain and Climbing Buckle to fix the radio in the outdoor backpack, it’s very easy to take out quickly
In addition, It offers long battery life, ensuring you stay connected for extended periods without worrying about running out of power

Noise Reduction Lightweight Mountain radio

You may be worried that the radio will be damaged if you accidentally drop it on a rock. We have already thought of this point
There is a silicone Protective case to protect the radio, No matter how the radio is dropped, it is protected by the protective case

Noise Reduction Lightweight Mountain radio

Except for RA55, Retevis offers other models that are also suitable for mountain use.
These radios typically feature durable construction, water resistance, and enhanced audio quality.
Some models may even have built-in emergency features like SOS signals or flashlight functionality, adding an extra layer of safety during your mountain adventures
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RA55 Noise Reduction Lightweight Mountain radio will be released in early of December, if you’re resell, welcome to contact us freely by email,


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