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RETEVIS NEW YEAR’S Party 2015-2016

by Elsa

Say Goodbye to 2015 and Welcome 2016!

On 15th,Jan,RETEVIS held an annual meeting Party event,saying goodbye to 2015 and welcoming 2016!

When we enter the meeting, everyone put self entrance card with self name in the box, waiting for Big surprise on self!

There are 20 lucky dogs in total(14 people got 200$,5 people got 500$,only 1 people got 1000$)

CEO SHEN made a perfect summary of 2015 and developing prospect of 2016 in the morning.


Let’s get back what RETEVIS was doing in 2015.

“On 10th,Jan,2015, RETEVIS created its own factory outlets official websites:www.retevis.com

On 30th,Apr,2015, RETEVIS has got its own international marketing department successfully.


As RETEVIS has been well-known and loved by more and more people,On 30th,Nov,2015, sold 1,000,000 radios successfully.


then we enjoyed very big lunch together,talking happily.

In the afternoon,everybody watched a series of great programs. Mean times, we played different games to get cute gifts or funny punishments. also, In recognition of outstanding employees,RETEVIS gave them Big Bonus and Trophies&certificates!

retevis-annual-party-2015-2016 (2) retevis-annual-party-2015-2016 (19)retevis-annual-party-2015-2016 (16)

When Party is over, everyone goes home happily with full harvest.

New Year 2016 has got new target and hope. Retevis aims to tell more people about much more RETEVIS in 2016. More importantly,we’ll improve the quality and after-service, giving everyone a trustworthy and satisfying experience.

Let us work together to move forward for your better and better shopping experience. RETEVIS family is ready for 2016,so are you ready?

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