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Retevis new product license-free radio RB46/RB646

by Lewis

Retevis new product license-free radio RB46/RB646:RB46 is an FRS version, and RB646 is an EU version
If you don’t learn more about FRS/PMR, you can research to find some articles introduction by Google
RB46/RB646, the big difference from other license-free radios,  It’s a dual PTT radio


1. Frequency range: FRS:462~467MHz, PMR:446MHz
2. Power: 2 watts(FRS)/0.5 watts (PMR)
3. Antenna: fixed antenna
4.Battery: 1150mAh li-ion battery
5. Earpiece: Motorola multi-pin headphone jack(support)
6.programme: support to reprogramme(support)
7. Charging: USB charging base(support)

Package included

1. walkie talkie*1
3. USB charging base*1
4. Belt clip*1
5. User manual*1

new product license-free radio

Extra accessories for option

C9086A waterproof earpiece for RB46/RB646


PMR  license-free radio

J9131G IP67 waterproof speaker mic


pmr446 radio


1. Dual PTT button and anti-skid design
2. IP67 waterproof level
3. Local alarm and remote alarm
4. wireless copy

There is an article to introduce what wireless copy and how to operate it

How to Use Wireless Copy Function of RB26

Coverage Range

3 KM range is no problem to communicate under a testing situation, sure, the specific range depends on the local communication environment


Farm communication

Outdoor construction

Church security

RB46/RB646, it can be used for a lot of application scenarios.

If you’re interested in this radio(RB46/RB646), welcome to contact us
If you’re not sure if it meets your application scenario, please feel free to email, partner@retevis.com


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