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Retevis Mobile Radios List and Specifications

by Lisa Zhao

RETEVIS Mobile Radios are used by a lot of people. But when you open our mobile radios website, there is a lot of different type of mobile car radio, so how to choose the right one? Except the outside look and size, here is a Retevis Mobile Radio List and Specifications.

Model No.PicturePowerFrequencyAntennaSpecifications
RB8620wGMRSMagnet mount&AntennaIP67 waterproof, NOAA, Dual Standby,With screen and ketypad,
RA2520wGMRS or Dual  BandMagnet mount&AntennaTwo version,1.44 Inch TFT display, small size
RT9000D25wUHF or VHFMagnet mount&AntennaFour version( 400-490mhz, 136-174mhz,66-88mhz,220-260mhz), single band, 200channels, long talking distance
RA2725wVHFMA06 Marine Fiberglass antennaMarine Transceiver,IP67 waterproof, Dual/Tri-watch Functions, Vibration Water Draining Function
RT7320wDual BandMagnet mount&AntennaDigital mobile radio,Dual-band, dual display, and dual standby, GPS, Super small size
RT9815wVHF or UHFMagnet mount&Antennasingle band mobile radio, small size , economic choice
RT9050wDual BandMagnet mount&AntennaDigital mobile radio, dual band, dual standby,   dual display, dual time slot,
RT9550wDual BandMagnet mount&Antenna180 degree rotatable TFT LCD display,Full alloy body for heat radiation
RT9950wDual BandBluetooth Mobile Radio,Support network: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, CDMA,  GSM, etc, Full function mobile app operation,Mobile app real time positioning


The above is the Retevis Mobile radios list and you can choose according to the specifications .

Mobile radio is used in car, its talking range is better than handheld radios.

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