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Retevis Giveaway Announcement

by Cherry

Retevis Giveaway activity was held for the 94th World Amateur Radio Day.

Thanks for participating in the Retevis World Amateur Radio Day event. We have selected 5 winners based on your comment and Likes Number.

Top 1: Todor Tihomirov             with 151 likes     Dream Radio: HD1 GPS










Top 2: Yassine El Idrissi             with 42 likes      Dream Radio: HD1 GPS

Top 3: Matt Bridge-Wilkinson     with 30 Likes     Dream Radio: RT83

Top 4: Ivan Todorov                   with 19 Likes     Dream Radio: HD1 GPS

Top 5: Dan Searley                    with 18 Likes     Dream Radio: RT82



The products will be shipped directly to the Winners within 2 weeks. After you receive your Retevis Radio, please post a picture of the radio with you. Thanks in advance!

We would be grateful if you want to make videos or more pictures for us.

Note: Winners can offer the address and phone number by facebook message or Email: partner@retevis.com

Thanks again for taking part in and stay tuned for more Retevis Giveaway or Retevis Test events!



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