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How Retevis farm radio promote their farmlife?

Farm radio solution is widely used in farming life. We would like to share a story with you, and we hope the story can help you.

by Cara

Frugal Off Grid is a homesteader in a remote part of the United States. He’s using our RA685 radio and a Yagi antenna. He mentioned that he was very happy to use the walkie-talkie on his farm because he lived about two hours out of town and had a repeater 25 miles away. He was very happy to be able to use the radio and the antenna to talk through the repeater.

He built a solar-powered facility, farmed, and raised cattle, sheep, and chickens, and needed a means of communication to communicate with his family. The walkie-talkie is a good and inexpensive communication tool. There is no communication charge, just press PTT to make a call. Perfect for people who talk a lot.

What has changed?

He walked around the farm with the radio and said he liked the feeling of using the RA685 radio. With a walkie-talkie, you have a connection to your family, and you can always transmit the farm wind and bleat. Even when going out, he is not lonely, and even the busy work such as farming and feeding is full of fun. The use of handheld walkie-talkies on family farms has greatly improved job satisfaction and ease of calling. ‘I love wireless communication,’ he says. ‘It’s the most reliable communication tool on my farm.’

About the present

The winter is coming to an end, the southern regions have begun to sow, and the snow and ice in the northern regions are gradually melting. With the busy planting season approaching, have you installed a walkie-talkie on your planter? Would you consider using a walkie-talkie?

Late March to late June is the time to put the crops in the ground. And now it is time to order the mobile radios and handheld radios on our website.

RB86 GMRS dustproof radio can be installed on your trucks with an antenna. The numeric Mic for drivers can make communication more convenient. And another GMRS mobile radio RA86 with an integrated Microphone can also work well on your tractors.

RT97 GMRS repeater is portable and lightweight. You can put it on the roof of the warehouse or a tower to reach more calls.

RB23 GMRS handheld radio is also an IP67 waterproof and dustproof radio. It is sturdy and long-range. And you can talk to others through the repeater.

Otherwise, if you do not have a radio license, the RT67 license-free radio can support your work for a long-time. 3000mAh large battery capacity can last for 36 hours of talking.


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