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Why Choose Retevis Ailunce HD1 from Digital Mobile Radio

by retevis

Why should I use a digital radio instead of an analog two-way radio? What’s so special about a DMR? This maybe a common question for the non-experienced radio user.  Why Choose Retevis Ailunce HD1 from Digital Mobile Radio? Today let’s talk about it.

Sound Quality and Consistency

The sound quality you get from a DMR is second-to-none. And DMR transmissions hold that sound quality until they reach the range of their transmission; your reception goes from perfect to nonexistent.

Message is the base of your communication. The importance of delivering a message clearly, and delivering it clearly the first time. The clarity that DMR provides saves you time, and money, by strengthening and simplifying the communication of your message.

Retevis company produce a new DMR, Ailunce Hams Digital Radio 1. Which combined with all the advantages above, and carried out further innovation. Retevis Ailunce HD1 is a waterproof DMR dual band handheld radio, 10W, 2 slots, compatible with 3200 mAh large capacity Li-ion battery. Its upgrade channel knob could be rotated 360 degree. It is so convenient. When turn on the radio, it has 5 choice to choose the boot screens. The most important innovation long-waited by hams is the large capacity of the memory card, which could memory 50 — 100 thousands contacts, when someone in the contact list calling you, the details will shows on the screens including caller ID, Name, City, State, etc.

For Retevis Ailunce HD1 Distributor

The Retevis Ailunce HD1 is coming, it is more powerful and more convenience than other DMR. If you want to be our distributor, please send email to support@retevis.com to know more details about it. Thanks!


Do you have feedback on this article? Or any questions about Retevis Ailunce HD1 walkie talkie? We are always open to feedback from our loyal customers! If you have a suggestion or comment, please send it to us at: support@retevis.com.

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gayron flanary 16/11/2017 - 00:22

does the hd-1 have a AA battery case for alkaline batterys?

Ailunce 16/11/2017 - 14:04

HD1 takes 3200mAh li-ion battery.dont have a battery case.

Massimo Bianchi 12/02/2018 - 23:26

I just recently got the Ailunce HD1 radio, with the release 1.68 I realized that programming a new channel with the “insert” function, the channel list does not increase the number of channels, rather I go to lose the channels already inserted in the list of memories.

Ailunce 24/02/2018 - 15:27

Email sent to ask for more detail information. Please reply asap. Thanks!


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