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RB21 WI-FI Walkie Talkies Keep the Security of Campus

by Wendy

To prevent emergencies such as fires, earthquakes, building collapses, or even more dangerous situations – shootings. Many campus have their own campus police or security teams. In such situations, instant connection between security personnel becomes critical. RB21 WI-FI Walkie Talkies can offer an effective solution.

several features of RB21 WI-FI walkie talkie

several features of RB21 WI-FI walkie talkie

Unlimited Range

In large campus, walkie talkies are be required to support long-distance calls. Retevis RB21 WI-FI walkie talkies can cover wider area. It is a 100% network radio. Three ways are available:  SIM card, other phones’ hotpots and WI-FI.  It can be used as long as the Internet is available.

Group Call

If the staff is divided into multiple teams according to their duties or areas, then the calls between the teams can not interfere with each other. RB21 offers group call and member list, allowing personnel communicate in different groups at the same time. It is quite suitable for management and organization.

GPS Track and Locate

In the event of an emergency requiring rescue,RB21 can help staff catch other fellows’ location. RB21 comes with a high-accuracy GPS antenna, also with the online dispatch software, while instant location can be tracked by different platforms like PC and other smartphones.

Easy to Operate and Carry

In order to handle emergencies in a timely manner, the two way radios used by campus security staff should be easy to operate and carry. With smart touch screen, checking information and set up will be easier. The menu lists are clear and comprehensive. Designed with the handheld non-slip shell, RB21 is comfortable to hold in the hand.

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