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Q&A About RT3S Display is Here

by Wendy

RT3S Dual Band DMR Radio is not strange to Retevis customers. It helped many customers to learn more about digital radio operations. The more people use it, the more feedback. Today, this article collects some Q&A about RT3S display.

Q&A About RT3S Display

Questions 1: “My RT3S radio isn’t letting me choose the power level; “power,” wasn’t an option on the menu”   

Answer: The power option may be hidden, sometimes because the battery gets to a low level.  Please follow these steps to unhide: 1. Please press the bottom key on the left, meanwhile turn “power knob”to turn off the radio. 2. The please press the bottom key on the left, meanwhile turn “power knob” to turn on the radio.

Q&A About RT3S Display-Power Knob

Q&A About RT3S Display-Power Knob

After completing the above two steps, the power options will reappear.

Q&A About RT3S Display-Power Option

Q&A About RT3S Display-Power Option

Once you need to watch the how-to video to understand more clearly, here it is: 

Questions 2:”Is there a guide that explains all the icoins on the display?”

 Answer: This picture can help you understand all the icons on the display.

RT3S Icons Meaning

RT3S Icons Meaning

Question 3: What does this red dot mean?

Recording Function

Recording Function

Answer: This means you have recording turned on. The recording can only be realized after upgrading the firmware. After upgrading the firmware, you can customize the side key short press or long press to turn on the recording function by the programming software. Press PTT to speak will start the recording. You can query the recorded file in Menu-Call log-Record-file.

Question 4: When I turn on the radio, the screen is blurry. How can I do with this?

Answer: When not properly upgraded the radio, such as misoperation, it may cause a blurry screen. The solution is to follow the correct firmware upgrade steps to upgrade again. Here is the guide of the correct upgrade steps: How to properly upgrade RT3S firmware 

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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