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Please Note: Because of its length, the article is divided into two parts. It is from W3HEN, It should be useful for new hams.

At the end of the article, we attached the relevant video for reference. This is the part 2, we will from Step#5;

Now we will study how to PROGRAMMING THE RT3 with the next three step.

Step #5 – Load the DMR CodePlug into the Programming the rt3 Software

Before loading the downloaded DMR CodePlug, attach your DMR radio to your Windows computer using the provided programming cable.

Shortly after turning the radio on, create a backup copy of the existing DMR data setup by selecting Program followed by Read Data.

Only a few seconds will be required, followed by a read success notification. Using the File > Save As menu option.

Save the file for later use in restoring the radio to its original configuration. Use File > Open to read the downloaded regional DMR CodePlug.


Step #6 – Customize the Downloaded CodePlug

The software contains several programming windows. Unfortunately, the software I used was not well documented.

You’ll need to minimally make two changes to the General Setting windows. In the upper right corner, enter the radio’s name.

I elected to use my call sign and the DMR model (upper right corner). Just below is the Radio ID. This is where you input your issued DMR numeric identifier.

Most of us will only need one since few will be operating more than one DMR radio simultaneously.

Under Intro Screen in the lower right corner, you can optionally change the startup screen on the radio to show a character screen.

I elected to use my amateur call sign and DMR numeric code.

Under Zone Information, all of the channel groups (zones) are listed. Selecting any one of them will reveal the contents of a given zone.

For example, under Simplex, many more simplex frequencies are available than could fit in the channel listings on your radio.

The limiting factor is the rotary switch on the DMR, which can only accommodate up to 16 channels (i.e., simplex frequencies).

My CodePlug listed only three under Channel Member, meaning that I could add several more by selecting from the Available Channel list on the left and adding them to the Channel Member list on the right.

There are other programming windows as well, including the ability to assign values to radio buttons. This is one of the instances where reading the manual will be particularly useful.
Save any changes to the CodePlug under a new name on your computer. Finally, write the modifications to your radio using the Program > Write data menu option.

Step #7 – Radio Ready to Transmit

Turn your radio off and disconnect from the programming cable. When you turn the radio back on, you’ll notice that the startup screen has changed. To select a zone, press the green menu button and select Zone using the down arrow followed by the green button. To access channels within the selected zone, use the rotary knob just to the right of the antenna.

We’ve accomplished the bare minimum to get you up and running. The manual, together with the programming software, should help you to make additional changes.

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lawrence sargent 2月 15, 2021 - 2:58 上午

i am having difficuty getting the programming software and usb driver for the retrevis rt3


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