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The prepper guide for beginners: How to use walkie talkie in Prepping?

If you are a beginner in prepping, you should have a walkie talkie for the emergency communication. Now the Retevis walkie talkie for sale.

by Cara

How many preppers are in the US? According to the survey, from 2020 to 2021, the number of Preparers has doubled, and in 2022, there are more than 65% of Americans are preparing for the word. As a beginner, how much emergency gear you should have and prepare for the emergency situation? And the prepper walkie talkie for sale now.

Emergency gears:

  • Battery or power supplier
  • First aid kit
  • Masks
  • Plastic sheeting and duct tape
  • Moist towelettes
  • Wrench or pliers
  • Manual can opener
  • Maps
  • Cash or traveler’s checks
  • Important family documents
  • Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Communication tools

And you can prepare for storage or shelter or even your basement to store all the emergency food, water, and gear. Waterproofing is a must. At this point, you’re just a hoarder. If you want to become a real Prepper, you should know how to survive in an emergency situation. That means you have to learn how to use the tools, and first aid measures, and build your family shelter.

Now, all the information is great for you, but do you know how to communicate with your friends and families? Yes, you can use your phone in Covid-19, but can you use your phone in flooding?

A walkie-talkie is a good communication tool in emergency situation and rescue activities. In normal, the policemen, rescue teams, and the army are using walkie-talkies to communicate. So, a walkie-talkie can help you talk to them if you need help.

RT45P walkie talkie for sale

It is an IP67 waterproof and dustproof radio, so you can use it on rainy days or in dust places.

The flashlight can provide emergency lighting in case of power failure.

And the NOAA weather channel and weather alarm function can receive the weather information and emergency broadcasts.

You can also use the emergency alarm function for help. The radio will alert and send the alert to around radios.

You can check the Prepper frequencies and the differences between Preppers and survivalists here.

You don’t have to program it on the computer, the functional button can activate all the functions on the radio.

What’s more, you can charge it directly or use AA batteries, more choice for you.

And too many Preppers recommend this radio for prepping beginners. You can watch the review video at the end.

What do you think of the price? Is it expensive?

Now, the price on our official website is $42.39usd for one pair(2 radios), so you can prepare the radio for your families and friends.  More information is on the RT45P page. And you can follow our Facebook page for more news and walkie talkie for sale. Or you can also email us at support@retevis.com


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