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Prepper success: 5 survival methods that just prepare it

When we cannot change the unknown danger, we must always be prepared. This 5 survial methods you have to follow.

by Cara

We are not prophets, we are preppers. How to become a successful Preppers and survive in a dangerous world? This question is talked about everywhere for everyone. So, this is a new idea to talk about the 5 survival methods that just prepare it.

The 5 survival methods are:

  • Stong body.

  • Have you heard of the ice bullet challenge? It started out as a way to raise awareness about ALS and donate money to charity, but more and more people took up the challenge to show off their strength. When you have a strong and healthy body, it means you can endure more severe conditions than the average person. This is why astronauts and soldiers need to go through intense physical training before they can start working. Of course, for many people, not being overweight or thin in daily life is also necessary for survival.
  • The mind of the preppers.

  • Being a preparer means not only that we need to prepare food, water, clothes, bedding, energy, and other necessities of life, but also that we need to think about survival. For example, what should we do when facing a tornado? What to do in the face of mass unemployment? What to do in the face of conflict? We need a set of measures to survive, such as where to find the nearest shelter in the event of a tornado, how to contact family and others nearby for shelter, how to ensure the distribution of energy and food, how to get rescued or participate in the rescue.
  • Learn to use more tools.

  • A lot of people miss this, but it’s an important point. How to dress, how to give an injection, how to use a Prepper radio, how to use a generator, how to make temporary tools, etc. If you’re becoming a prepper, you’ll find YouTube prepper videos featuring tools, seeding, rescues, expeditions, and more.
  • Focus on the country and even the world.

  • Especially in European countries. Take the Floods in Germany in July 2021. If we are the preparers, what should we do? First of all, in order to ensure safety, we should not blindly choose places to avoid, otherwise, we will face more dangers. If possible, go to a nearby safe country or region and wait for the disaster area to recover.
  • Stay online.

  • It means we need to stay in touch with our neighbors, with our families, with rescue teams, and with the latest news. However, as we know, cell phone services and networks will be disrupted in many disasters or dangers. So, emergency two-way radios are the best choice for everyone to stay in communication.

We rely so heavily on our phones and the Internet that we tend to ignore the importance of communication. So, what kind of radio we can prepare for survival?

Retevis contacted a number of influential Preppers to test some Retevis radio stations. The powerful Ham Radio is obviously more popular. Examples are RT3S, RT82, and RT5.

The Radio Prepper reviewed the RT3S ham radio on YouTube:

The Poplar Preparedness reviewed the RT82 Ham radio recently:

And WJ6F Radio, he is not only a ham but also a Prepper, and his story about RT5.

You can find the main prepper radios’ review on youtube. And we hope you can like it and are familiar with it.

There are 3 tips on how to use the radios efficiently:

  1. Collaborate with the repeater frequency around you. You can activate the roaming function on your radio to connect the repeater to expand the communication range.
  2. Pre-program the quick shortcut keys before use, like the emergency alarm function, a scanning function, FM function, and other functions can be chosen in the list.
  3. Encourage people around you to use the radio. Whether it’s a cell phone or a radio, you can only talk if both parties have a device. Community workers often use radios, so in their daily lives, they need to use radios to increase contact with people around them.

If used in ordinary communication, it is recommended to use the license-free radio.

RT49P/RT649P radio: It is an IP67 waterproof and dustproof radio with a flashlight. You can use it in comments or in a wet place.

RT22P/RT622P radio: It is our latest radio, it is our thinnest and lightest radio, so you can take it out everywhere.

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