Portable Waterproof Two Way Radio For Camping

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, it is essential to have good-quality gear to enhance your experience. With a walkie talkie, you can easily communicate with fellow campers in your group and seek assistance if necessary. There are many types and brands of camping walkie talkies on the market, and most of them are expensive. For those on a budget, Retevis RB46 Portable Waterproof Two Way Radio is a great option for camping because of its portability and durability.

Retevis RB46 Portable Waterproof Two Way Radio
Retevis RB46 Portable Waterproof Two Way Radio

Portable Two Way Radio

RB46 FRS radio is lightweight and compact, measuring only 3.5 inches in height. They are palm-sized and easy to hold, making them convenient to carry in your pocket or clip to a belt or clothing using the belt clip located on the back of the walkie talkie.

Waterproof Handheld Radio

What sets the RB46 handheld radio apart is its durability. It’s built to withstand tough outdoor conditions, with a rugged design that can handle drops and bumps. Retevis RB46 is an IP67 waterproof two way radio that can withstand water splashes. So whether you’re hiking through the mountains or kayaking down a river, you can trust that your radio will keep working.

License Free 2-Way Radio

RB46 FRS walkie talkie is totally license free in the US. You can use it right away with no complex settings, which is easy for beginners and even kids to use. If you are in Europe, you can buy its PMR446 version, RB646, which is also license free.

Long Battery Life

RB46 license free two way radio also boasts a long battery life, up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge. And if you do need to recharge, the radio comes with a convenient USB charging base.

Extra Features

RB46 handheld radio also has functional side keys that can be set as shortcuts, such as the VOX function and the SOS alarm function. The VOX feature lets you talk hands-free while doing other things. The SOS alarm function allows you to get immediate help when you encounter danger outdoors.

In conclusion, you can hardly find a good-for-money portable waterproof handheld radio like Retevis RB46. So why not add it to your shopping list and get it for your next adventure?

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