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Pick the Right Off Road Radio and Antenna

by Wendy

Off-roading is an incredibly popular activity. Whether you’re hitting the dirt trails, mud bogs, sand dunes, or rocks, having the right radio and antenna is essential. With the latest radio and antenna technology, you can stay in touch with your friends and family while out on the trails and be prepared for any situation. In this article, we’ll discuss how to pick the right Off Road radio and antenna for your needs.

Off Road Communication Solution

Fixed Mount Mobile Radios+ External Antenna” always be the first choice for the off-road communication. Mobile radios have a much greater range than their portable counterparts due to their use of a larger, external antenna. Compared with handheld radio, mobile radios have greater range and unlimited run time (unless your vehicle gets a flat battery).

How to choose an Off Road mobile radio?

To choose a mobile radio, you should take the frequency range, power output, size and portability into consideration.

Frequency Range: The frequency range will determine what kind of channels you can access, so make sure to get one with adequate coverage for your area.

Power Output: Power output is also important when choosing a mobile radio. Generally, the higher the power output, the better the range and coverage you’ll get.

Size and Portability: The radio need to be compact and small enough to fit in the vehicle. Make sure the radio can be installed out of sight and save more dashboard space.

Retevis RA87 GMRS mobile radio has the power of 40W, which is higher than many 20W mobile radio. Retevis RA87 can reach 20 km in the open field, ideal for 4wd expeditions, remote outback touring, convoys and truck drivers. Its GMRS channels can be connected to a local repeater for further range. Integrated microphone and panel with buttons for easy operation.

Off Road Radio Communication-Retevis RA87 Mobile Radio

Off Road Radio Communication-Retevis RA87 Mobile Radio

How to choose an Off Road antenna?

To choose a mobile radio, you should take the antenna gain, material and installation into consideration.

Antenna Gain: It is measured in dBi (Decibels relative to isotropic) which in simple terms means its ability to concentrate radio frequency energy in a particular pattern or direction.  For example, Retevis MR300 is a 6.5dBi fiberglass GMRS antenna, which is perfect for mixed terrain where there may be some obstruction from trees and hills.

Antenna Material: Due to the complex terrain and long-term installation outside the car against wind and rain erosion, it is necessary to select a durable antenna. For example, Retevis MR300 is made of fiberglass material. The copper, internal antenna is encased in a fiberglass radome weatherproof and fixed cover.

Mounting Hints: The fiberglass antenna such as Retevis MR300 has an exceptionally strong base spring. It is designed for installation on bull bars or sports bars with a suitable mounting bracket. Quarter guard mounting is not recommended.

Off Road Radio Communication-Retevis MR300 Antenna

Off Road Radio Communication-Retevis MR300 Antenna

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