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The origin of World Radio Day

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The origin of World Radio Day

This is 13 February. It is World Radio Day, which was proclaimed on 3 November 2011 by UNESCO’s 36th General Conference. It was originally proposed by Spain. This special day is to make sure the important status of radios as a communication carrier in education development, information dissemination and transmission of the natural disaster information. Meanwhile, few people know that February 13th is also the anniversary of United Nations Radio establishment in 1946.
World Radio Day 2013 celebrations were extensively covered in news and social media worldwide. UNESCO staff gave 75 media interviews and 130 registered events took place that reached over 150 million listeners worldwide.
World Radio Day 2014 had the theme Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Radio proposed by UNESCO. Its sub-themes include:
• Sensitizing radio station owners, executives, journalists, and governments to develop gender-related policies and strategies for radio
• Eliminating stereotypes and promoting multidimensional portrayal in radio
• Building radio skills for youth radio production, with a focus on girls as producers, hosts, reporters
• Promoting Safety of women radio journalists
The multilingual event website offered several copyright-free audio/video messages for rebroadcasting and diffusion, as well as an interactive map for submitting events related to the celebration of the day. Thematic info graphics can be found in English, French and Spanish

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