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NR30 Noise Cancelling Waterproof Radio

by Laura Zheng

NR30 Noise Cancelling Waterproof Radio
Noise is ubiquitous in the environment of daily life. In intercom scenarios, noise is an important factor affecting the quality of voice calls. Speech noise reduction technology extracts clean speech by removing noise, improving speech quality and clarity.

At present, Retevis  launched a two-way noise reduction walkie-talkie —NR30 Noise Cancelling Waterproof Radio,   has GMRS and UHF 2 versions.  let’s take a look:

1/NR30/NR630 appearance display

NR30 Noise Cancelling Waterproof Radio-laura-12/Feartures:

a.Two-way noise reduction for better call quality

NR30/NR630 is an analog two-way electronic noise reduction walkie-talkie to improve the sound quality of receiving and receiving)

b.High power and long distance

10W high power  can be adjusted in the software by yourself.

c.Large-capacity battery

2800mAh large-capacity battery with power-saving function and long battery life  ;

d.Multiple charging options

The Type-C direct charging and charger base 2 ways to make the charging is more convenient;

e.Group call

Long press the alarm button to realize group call.  And it allows managers to quickly release activities that require multi-department coordination.

f. IP67 waterproof, 1 meter under static water for 30 minutes without water ingress;

g. With channel lock, busy channel lock, alarm and other functions.

3/What’s included in the NR30 box?

NR30 GMRS Radio
USB Cable
Belt Clip
User Manual

NR30 Noise Cancelling Waterproof Radio-laura-2

3/ These are the Accessories for NR30/NR630:

The NR30/NR630 audio interface is a motorcycle multi-pin, the same as the RT29/HD1 accessories.

Programming cable:

J9131P:  https://www.retevis.com/hd1-dmr-radio-usb-programming-cable


Air acoustic tube earpiece: J9127E: https://www.retevis.com/rt82-air-acoustic-tube-earpiece
G-shape ear hook earpiece : J9131A: https://www.retevis.com/hd1-ailunce-g-shape-ear-hook-earpiece
IP66 waterproof earpeice : C9086A: https://www.retevis.com/ea110m-ip66-waterproof-air-tube-covert-earpiece-with-gp328plus-connector


J9131G: https://www.retevis.com/h103m-ip67-speaker-mic-multi-pin-m5-for-ailunce-hd1
J9131K: https://www.retevis.com/hd1-ip55-3-5mm-jack-speaker-mic-earphone


Retevis welcome new resellers and OEM brand partners, to realize win-win cooperation, if you are interested in, please feel free to email to laura@retevis.com.


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