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New Walkie Talkies for Construction RB48 RB648

by Cherry

RB48 and RB648 are the new released from Retevis. They are the best walkie-talkies for construction.
When talking about construction, the hard helmets, concrete, and steel beams will be in our brains.

However, there is one item that is easy to overlook, although it is crucial for worker safety: the walkie talkie

Walkie-talkies are the most important communication equipment.
On a construction site, communication between employees is essential for everyone’s safety and to ensure that projects are completed on schedule.

When it comes to two-way communication on construction sites, there are several obstacles to overcome, including uninterrupted signal coverage, an adequate range for ground-to-crane operators, and connecting subcontractors and security personnel.

So we release this RB48 and RB648 radio. It is ideal for job sites, contractors, and businesses. This special pack contains 2 radios and a desktop charger that holds the pair.

New Walkie Talkies for Construction RB48 RB648

RB48 and RB648 radios are designed to meet the needs of the construction site.

1, It’s waterproof.

RB48 and RB648 all with the IP67 rating waterproof and dustproof.  Complete protection from dust and withstand water immersion for 30-minutes in 1-meter deep water.

There will be a lot of dust on the building site, and you will be using water all the time, so select a waterproof and dustproof radio.


Can withstand a 2-meter drop plus a rugged anti-slip design.

3, LCD Display

Easy to view display provides the radio’s status at a glance.

4, No Licence or Service Fees

RB48 is the FRS band radio, and RB648 is the PMR446 band radio. So no need for license and service fees when operating these models. And all are the UHF band.

If you’re using your radio inside a building or there are a lot of obstacles in your way, a UHF radio is the best option. These radios are ideal for use in places like hotels, restaurants, schools, and office buildings.

5, Type-C standard charger

The standard Type-C charger, make it easier to charge.


If you work in the construction business, you already know how valuable walkie-talkies are. When you’re on a building site, this is especially true.  This is where the radios’ durability and quality shine through. RB48 and RB648 with high performance on the range and rugged. The ideal walkie-talkie for a construction site.

Get first here:

PMR446 Band RB648: https://bit.ly/3S22I6B

FRS  band RB48: https://bit.ly/3eNuS78

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