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New Strong Powerful Long Range GMRS Car Radio RA87

by Lisa Zhao

Welcome to see our new Strong Powerful Long Range GMRS Car Radio RA87, it is the  GMRS car radios with a variety of functions.

Let us be familiar with this RA87:

RA87 is a high quality and higher power GMRS car radios,  you can use it on your car and also can be a base station.


Long Range GMRS Car Radio RA87 main functions:

22 GMRS Channels + 8 Repeater Channels

40w/5w 200 memory and Call channels

Build your own repeater station: Two RA87 GMRS Mobile Radios can copy data through the data cable and build a simple repeater

2 units RA87 can be wired copy info by linking together with the data cable

Multiple Scan modes can be selected

Programmable hand microphone function keys

LCD display and adjustable backlight colors

Compose simple repeater station

Dual standby, dual frequency display

DTMF encode and decode function

MSK signaling encode and decode

Same/different/reverse frequency setting

Wideband/Narrowband adjustment

APO (Auto Power Off) protection

Voice companding

260 CTCSS/DCS AIN Identify code

Packaging details:


1 x RA87 Radio

1 x Handheld Speaker Mic

1 x Mobile Mounting Bracket

1 x Power Cable with A fuse

1 x Programming Cable

1X Screw Packs 1

x User Manual


Retevis  is the brand specializing in the design and manufacture of two way radios .We have own R&D team to support customized needs. Certainly, our products are approved by FCC, CE and BSCI.  If you are interested, we will be very happy to send you the product list with a quote.

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