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New peoduct release!——Retevis RT85 Radio!

by retevis

Retevis RT85 two-way radio is coming! It is a new two-way radio,  the VHF band 136.000-174.000MHzUHF400.000-470.000MHz. Let’s check more about Retevis RT85. It has a keypad just like RT5R, and on the left side, with the PTT button and two side-keys.

Know about RT85:

1, Channels: It can save up to  200channels.

2, Output power: High with 5w and Low with 1w.

3, Frequency range: UHF 400-470MHZ;VHF 136-174MHz

4, Battery Power: 1400mAh

5, Shortcut menu operation mode

6, Multi types for keys lock setting Multi-display mode

Retevis RT85 Radio

Retevis RT85 Radio


So they use the analog radio, because:

You would think that analog is an older technology, and it does not have anything to offer than digital radio. Even though analog radio is slowly getting phased out, it still has a lot of advantages.

First is that there is a number of accessories for analog radios, because of them being around for many decades. A lot of users also notice that it is easier to use and understand analog radio systems. It is also generally understood by the public.

Another great advantage of analog radio is that they always use radio bandwidth.

Now Retevis has lots of Analog radio on sale, if you have interested, you can visit here:  https://www.retevis.com/

And for this Retevis RT85 radio, now it is on our official website, and you can have a look! And our official website is having a discount! So what are you waiting for?

Later, we will have more blogs about this model! If you have any questions about our product, please email us: partner@retevis.com or leave a message below.

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