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New Bluetooth Two-way Radio RA19/RA619 for your skiing

by Cherry

New Bluetooth Two-way Radio RA19/RA619 for your skiing. Do you have the plan to have a ski trip with your family or friends? Do you look for an easy way to stay in touch on the ski mountain?

Using two-way radios when you are out on the mountain or skiing resort is a gear idea. Walkie-talkies allow you to stay in communication all the time even a place with no phone signal. Today I will introduce a new Bluetooth Two-way Radio RA19 and RA619 to you.

RA19 is the FRS band license-free radio, and RA619 is the PMR446 band license-free radio. You can purchase according to where you will use this radio. If you don’t know how to choose, please message below or email us, we will help you.


First Let’s check the picture to know what is looks like:

Retevis RA19 buttons

It comes in green and black colors. In the package, also includes the Bluetooth headset. With 6 Functional buttons in the front, help you to choose the function, adjust the volume, and so on.

Because this Bluetooth two-way radio RA19 and RA619 are license-free, so you can not remove the antenna, and can’t change the frequencies. But it has lots of features Below:

The features of RA19 and RA619

1, Built-in-Bluetooth Function

This feather will be an important feature for skiers. When you skiing on the mountain, there is no hand to press the PTT to talk with family or friends. But if the radio comes with the Bluetooth function, you can connect the radio with your Bluetooth headset. Then talk to others via the Bluetooth headset. No need to press the PTT.

It’s very convenient for skiers

2, NOAA weather channel

For the FRS band, Bluetooth two-way radio RA19 also supports the NOAA. You can choose your local weather channel to get the latest weather information. Help you to plan your ski trip.

3, Dual standby

Dual standby means you can listen to two channels at the same time. So if you go skiing with different group or want to talk with them on a different channel. Then the function will help you.

Set one channel as the main channel, and set another channel as the sub-main channel. When one of the channels has the signal, you will receive it.

4, Support CTCSS/DCS code

For license-free radios, it has limited channels, but RA19 and RA619 offer 155 sub tones, giving you more choice to make calls.

5, Local and Remote Alarm

These Bluetooth two-way radios support the local and remote alarm.  When meeting problems or find the ski way is dangerous, you can send an alarm to others.

If you have a plan for skiing, don’t forget to take your walkie-talkies as a communication tool. And if you don’t know how to choose, check best walkie talkeis for skiing.

Any questions, please leave messages or contact us by email: partner@retevis.com

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