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New arrival: RB46/RB646 FRS/PMR446 radio

RB46 and RB646 radio is IP67 waterproof license-free radio, so it is better for outdoor working and sports.

by Cara

Have you tried the RT47 waterproof and dustproof radio? The new RB46/RB646 FRS/PMR446 radio is much better than RT47 if you want to wear it on the belt.

In terms of size, the RB46 is designed to be more compact, smaller, and lighter. Perfect for prolonged use and carrying.

In the use of feeling, increased anti-skid design. Even if the fuselage is wet, it’s easy to hold. The two-color PTT keys are visible.

Functionally, local and remote alarm functions are ideal for outdoor work users. The wireless replication function enables two RB46s with different Settings to talk to each other.


And other functions are 16 FRS/PMR446 channels, scan, monitor, squelch, CTCSS/DCS codes, VOX, battery save, key tone, low power alert, tail revert, TOT, and compand function. You can set them up in the software.

The specification sheet is here.

And something about the RT47 radio.

How to choose accessories?

The accessory connector type of RB46/RB646 FRS/PMR446 radio is Motorola multiple- Pin. It is the same as HD1 and RT29 radios, so you can use the J9131P programming cable to connect to the software, and the earpieces and speakers with Motorola multiple-Pin connector. That can make you enjoy the communication.

If you want to know more about this radio, please email us at support@retevis.com or leave your question in the comment area.

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