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What should you consider when looking to buy a radio for your business use?

These 6 questions lacate the perfect business radios when looking to buy the radios for your business.

by Cara

We’re getting a lot of inquiries from new clients. ‘Is this radio right for me?’ ‘How about this radio?’. Usually, we ask the customer if they can provide more information, such as the usage scenarios, what functions or effects they value more, and how much budget they have. Each radio has its own pros and cons, different scenarios, and accessories, so to help customers find the most suitable business radio faster and more accurately. So, ‘What should you consider when looking to buy a radio for your business use?’ is created now.

Q1: What is your industry?

You will find we list some solutions for business when you skipping our website. Construction, manufacture, retail, hotel, restaurant, marine, and other kinds of industries. In different scenarios, the functions are different.

For example, in industry, outdoor activities are more, the use environment is poor, so the radio needs waterproof and dustproof function, and need to be durable, at the same time, because of the need to free hands, most of the radio accessories for general accessories, so that can be adapted to a variety of models.

2w and 1h of business radio

Q2: What is your preferred hardware type?

You may need a portable radio for carry on everywhere, but some others want to install radios on vehicles. So, you should know what size you need and if it needs to fix. And the clip is different, some clips are short and small, they are difficult to fix on your belt, you can only put it in your pocket, or fix it on the front of your shirt. 

Q3: Where do you work?

This question is similar to the first question, but there is a little difference. In this part, we should confirm the radio will use indoor, outdoor, both, or coverage in the city, state, or nationwide. We can recommend the radios with frequency band, power, even network.

Q4: How durable do you need the radios to be?

The answer should be rugged, semi-rugged, or compact. If you will use radios in a building company, you need a durable shell of radios. However, if you use a radio in the office, a common material can help you save money.

Q5: Will you require waterproof radios?

The waterproof function of the radio can be divided into water-resistant and waterproof. Water-resistant means that the radio will work in most rainy conditions, such as our RT22, RT27, H777, and so on. Waterproof means that the radio can withstand a large amount of rain and can be soaked in 1 meter of water for half an hour without affecting the work.

Therefore, if you need to work in a place with water, such as a dock, water plant, IP67 waterproof radio will work better, at the same time, IP67 dust level is also high, if you work in a dusty place such as construction sites, you can also choose IP67 two way radios, like RT29, RT50, RM40.

Q6: Are you used for your business or for sales?

If you purchase more than 4 units, we can offer a competitive price and a free programming cable, and we will assign dedicated sales managers to help you solve any questions about our radios.

If you are a two way radio dealer, in addition to the distributor price, we also provide customized service, you can customize the logo, startup screen, body logo, specific features, and even broadcast voice for the enterprises. We will cooperate with the factory to provide you with perfect service.

If you have a request, you can send an email to support@retevis.com. We will provide you with more information.

And here are some examples and solutions to help you do better



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