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Long range communication solution

by Elsa Jin

Walkie Talkie plays an important role in in time communication. Many people care about the communication range in actual using. Because if range not enough, it will be useless in some field when long communication distance need. Today, Retevis will offer long range communication solution for your reference.

Sure, power effects walkie talkie range. If you choose a low power rance, in same communication surroudingly, it will definitely shorter range than higher power radios.

Long range communication solution: Analog radio

You can choose Retevis RT29:


Higher power so longer range; 3200Mah big battery capacity, long capacity time; IP67 water&dustproof, suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor. UHF or VHF selectable. If surroundings has more barriers, like buildings, billboard, you can choose UHF. If surroundings are very open, like beach, farm, on the sea, etc., you can choose VHF.

Retevis RT86:


  1. Retevis RT86 is a UHF two way radio.
  2. High power, long distance.
  3. The wireless copy function can quickly set up calls.
  4. The flashlight can help you light in the dark.
  • Large capacity and long standby
  • Wireless copy
  • 4 inch screen
  • With flashlight function
  • Logo glow (when receiving/sending)
  • Level 9 squelch
  • One-key scanning function
  • Frequency hopping
  • High power, long-distance call

For high power analog radio like RT29 and RT86, you can choose an analog repeater RT97, to make the communication more longer.

analog repeater RT97

Long range communication solution: Digital radio

Retevis RT50:


RT50 is a DMR radio with both digital and analog coding ways to help users talk to more radios.

High power, so long range.

The IP67 waterproof and dustproof function can help users use them in dust and wet or rainy environments.

The hidden display can help users check the information.

Retevis RT81:


High power so long range; IP67 water&dust proof; no display, black color, professional business use appearance.

For high power analog radio like RT50 and RT81, you can choose an analog repeater RT97P digital repeater, to make the communication more longer.


Any inquiries for long range walkie talkie, please feel free to send you comments under the post, thanks!


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