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Large Capacity GMRS Radio RB19P is What I Expect

by Wendy

With GMRS license fee dropped from $70 to $35 on April 19, many amateur radio operaters start to try GMRS radios. K5YVY Amateur Radio is one of them. Today, we’re going to see his complete review of RB19P Large Capacity GMRS Radio. This will a good guide for those who’re going to try GMRS radios. Read on!

First Impression

Large Capacity GMRS Radio RB19P

Large Capacity GMRS Radio RB19P

When I first saw RB19P, it’s a really nice filling unit and as you can see only three buttons, so it is very bare bones. This is intended for simple use, you can take out of the box. It has a nice clear screen, volume control up and down, and also it will indicate what channel you’re on. It also has a nice belt clip, a good-size PTT button, and a USB headphone jack. Especially, it is very thin, only one third of the thickness of Baofeng UV5R.

Range Test

Large Capacity GMRS Radio RB19P-Range Test

Large Capacity GMRS Radio RB19P-Range Test

Me and my youngest did a little range test. We were about a mile away. There’s a lot of trees, campers, house hills between us. I took a drone view. You could see that I was driving in the truck, talking on the radio back to him. It turned out to perform well, we can hear each other clearly. I thought that was fairly good range for radio putting out 3W. Great audio coming out of a mini radio is awesome.

Features I like

The battery life of this radio is great. I’ve had owned these radios for a couple weeks, and I’ve had one on for a couple days without recharging either one of them. You can program some functions to its key as shortcut keys, such as scan, emergency alarm, etc. It has 11 NOAA weather channels, which can provide the latest weather forecast in time. Certainly, it also supports VOX, so it enables me to be hand-free when I need to do other things.

Final Thought

In a word, it’s what I expect. This is a good radio with clear audio and very understandable. It gets a very clear to see display even in the bright sunlight. They feel good in my hand and they’re slim to where they can go in your pocket or a pack. They’re not going to take up a lot of space. If you’re looking for radios to throw in your bag, I think this radio is a good thing to look.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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