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The newest Model for Kids Robot walkie talkie RT36

by Cherry

The Model Robot walkie talkie RT36 for kids is on sale now. But a lot of people don’t know what’s the feature of it.  Today i will talk about this model RT36.

It is A Modern and Traditional radio, and now we call it Robot walkie talkie RT36.With the brand “Retevis”.

But Where is the Modern?

Look at the shape of this model, i think you will say it is a Robot. The Unique appearance Robot makes it more modern.

RT36 Where is the traditional?

Still, from the shape, you can see the pink part, it is a circle, a little like the ancient Chinese architecture.


How about the Quality?

Look at the Reviews from our official website:



And about how to use it ?

You can click the Youtube to check:http://bit.ly/2fFN5lD


And now we have this model RT36 in stock. Hurry up to order the Robot for your kids here:http://bit.ly/2pjIB6q


If any question, please leave a message here or email me:Partner@retevis.com

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