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What do customers say about RT10?

by Cara

What do customers say about RT10? RT10 is a DMR business radio. As a new arrival, it attracts more customers to know and buy.

Recently, many customers are asked about the price, the features, and other information for the RT10. So, it shows RT10 is a great and useful radio for more customers.

Customer feedback:

Some customers send me a picture and asked “I need this” “RT10″, so, I send him the link to RT10.

And someone sends a message to our Facebook group. He said he ordered 5 packs of RT10 on the 26th of May, and received them on the 31st of May, it is so quick and memorized. And he also said”The one thing that I did do was program one channel for TS 1 and another channel for TS 2. (Normal mode it uses both time slots like most DMR radios do in symplex.) I was able to have to separate conversations on the same frequency using 2 radios on TS 1 and 2 radios on TS 2. I did have a little problem with the radios on one of the time slots staying in sync but I think it was because all of the radios were very close together. Since I wouldn’t be using this feature it didn’t bother me. Overall, great radios for a great price. No license (or call signs) needed.”

And other customers also find a 900mHz DMR radio, he said “Then I came across the Retevis RT10. It is not FHSS but it uses the 900 MHz ISM frequencies, is analog/digital (DMR), and has encryption. It sounds like it would do what we want.”

According to customer feedback, a high-quality walkie-talkie is more popular with people.
Just as RT10 uses digital coding to enhance speech clarity and realism, traditional modeling minimizes the number of errors. We are committed to providing better quality walkie-talkie.

If you are willing to place the order of RT10 or cooperate with us, please send an email to support@retevis.com.

Difference between Retevis RT10 and Motorola DTR700

Need more functions but no license? Try Retevis RT10

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