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Waterproof GMRS Radio RB23 for Outdoor Hobbyists

by Wendy

With high power and repeater capable, so there is no doubt that GMRS radio is on the rise. More and more hobbyists are looking for cost-effective GMRS radio with great features. They ask for a GMRS radio with IP67 rating, high power, durable shell and long-last battery life. Therefore, Retevis makes RB23 Waterproof GMRS Radio born for this situation.

Familiar with Buttons of RB23

buttons of RB23 waterproof GMRS radio

buttons of RB23 waterproof GMRS radio

Great Functions of RB23

1.IP67 Rating

RB23 rates IP67 level, so it has great performance on waterproof and dustproof. It’s suitable for outdoor hobbyists who always go to trip at wet or rainy places.

2.Wireless Copy Function

With this function, you can let two RB23 copy with each other without setting them by software from the PC.

3.Battery Saving Function

This radio has the battery saving mode, and it can be set by software whether turn on or turn off. This function will be useful when you use the radio outdoors.

4. Local and Romote Alarm

This function can be customized by software. Turn on this function is to make sure outdoor hobbyists’ safety. You can choose to turn on local alarm or local +romote alarm.  If you turn on local + romote alarm, not only the transceiver but also receiver will send out the alarm.

Advantages of RB23

1. Aadpter Compatible with HD1/RT29

Not only RB23’s adapter but also its programming cable is compatible with HD1 and RT29. So it will be very convenient to charge your radios, if you already have HD1 or RT29.

Adapter of RB23 waterproof GMRS radio

Adapter of RB23 waterproof GMRS radio

2.Adjustable Mic Gain

This unique function can only be found on RB23. Its mic gain is adjustable, which means clearer sound is available.

3.Large Battery Capacity

Some outdoor hobbyists ask for long battery life, so we recommend this RB23, which comes with the large battery capacity Li-on 1800mah, allowing long standby time and operating time.

Here is a simple show of RB23 Waterproof GMRS 5W Radios

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