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RT8 Supportive Review

by Clare

I just want to tell you how happy I am with Retevis as a company, and with my Retevis radios (RT8).


I am the smallest of your customers, Medical Doctor, 60+ years, five children, living and working in Sweden.


Of course, every company can’t have personal relations with each and every customer, but when it happens it makes me really happy. Every time I have contacted you I have always got a friendly and constructive reply!

I am now exclusively using DMR, and for three different purposes:


1.I am a member of FRO, a Volonteer Radio Organisation belonging to the Swedish Defense. We run two Nationwide nets daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. It’s also possible to talk with friends locally, regionally or nationwide, on different talkgroups. We also have a talkgroup for emergencies. It’s definitely a safety feature when I am in the wilderness. (The FRO operators are more reliable and generally more friendly than hams.)


2.Ham radio, DMR ID 2400355, call SM0VPE. Unfortunately no activity on simplex, as far as I know.


3.Radio to radio within the family using the eight Swedish SRBR channels, the ”Pro” version of PMR446. SRBR means Short Range Business Radio. Max 2 W effect. (It’s a way for small companies to get two-way radio comms without paying for license or air time.)


When it comes to gear in general, and especially radios, I have my preferences:


1.Professional grade.



4.Attractive pricing

5.A manufacturer that you can have a dialogue with.


And my Retevis RT8s have all this!


Instead of having one radio with ”bells and whistles” I prefer having a few dedicated radios, in fact two for every of the three purposes. Which means I don’t have to change radio IDs. When I am leaving home, or work, I can always pick a fully charged radio, even if battery life isn’t much of a problem…


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