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RetevisRT49P Outdoor Waterproof Radio For Ski Teaching

by Martina

As the saying goes: “An autumn rain and another cold.” This year’s chill is coming more urgently and faster than ever. The coolness of early autumn makes people feel refreshed. Outdoor activities are arousing our desire. Ski equipment is also ready. RetevisRT49P outdoor waterproof radio for ski teaching.

For beginners, the painful process of skiing cannot be enjoyed. The kind of uncontrolled sliding, uncoordinated funnyness of hands and feet, will make people physically and mentally exhausted. In this process, safety and communication are very important.

RetevisRT49P Waterproof Radio

First, communication. It is very tiring in teaching, so it is necessary to ensure the accurate and effective transmission of information while saving energy. The VOX (Hand-free function) of RT49P is turned on, and it is attached to the neck strap, which makes communication very convenient. Save the cost of communication between coaches and students.

Second, safety. After students acquire theoretical knowledge, they will practice. At this time, safety comes first. RT49P’s one-key alarm function can communicate with the outside world at any time. Get weather information in time, adjust ski teaching schedule, etc.

Third, USB charging is easy to use. Comparing to a charger, USB charging is more convenient. Especially for outings, activities, etc. 16 channels, 121 Privacy Codes, make communication more precise and efficient.

With a keyboard for personalized settings. The child lock ensures that the personalized settings are not tampered with.
RetevisRT49P outdoor waterproof radio for ski teaching, must be a good partner. Independent sales, combined sales, or lease to ski resort visitors are all perfect.

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