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Retevis Digital Walkie Talkie Communication Range Test Report

by Ailunce


Retevis Digital Radio communication range test report of RT3,RT8.RT82

Many people ask us how long the communication range of Retevis digital Walkie Talkies, so we decide to take a communication range test, take Retevis RT3,RT8,RT81,RT82 as example.

Last week, we take some models (RT3,RT8,RT81.RT82) of Retevis Digital Walkie Talkies to do sea level and mountaintop communication range test. Also we get the test location from RT8 Gps Version.

Sea level Test, we begin from a Seaside town called “ YangMeiK” in shenzhen to “Shuangyuewan” which located in another city HuiZhou, around 35km.  RT23 and RT3 can reach to 13.6km,but RT8 can get clear call to 19km, where RT81 and RT82 also can reach accompanied by some noise. See below report:

Mountaintop test. We tested this 5 radios on different mounts in shenzhen city.

Wutong Mount altitude:943m ,  Geographical coordinates : 114°11′55″~114°14′45″E、22°33′30″~22°34′48″N

Qiniang Mount altitude:869m  Geographical coordinates:114°26′00′′~114°37′20′′E,22°27′00”~22°36′20′N

Yangtai Mount  altitude:500m  22.53’32′′~22.55’34″N,113.1713′′~113. 1927″E

Lianhua Mount altitude:160m    116°51′51″~116°54′33″E,26°12′52″~26°15′40″N.

Our guys take the 5 walkie talkies climp up to mountaintop to test every radio communicate range, all of them can get clear call when test from Yangtai Mount to Qiniang Mount distance 60.5km.

See below report:


All the datetable are only for reference.



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bogdan ignat December 5, 2017 - 6:16 am

Hi ! You never tested RT 1 ! Can U do it ? I own one pair ! Can I suppose is the same result like RT81 because they have the same power(10W) ?

Ailunce December 5, 2017 - 11:36 am

Yes. Their communicate range can be same in analog mode.

bogdan ignat December 5, 2017 - 3:39 pm

Thanks ! I think even on RT 81 digital !


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