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Fast Programming age: RM01 shortcut key operation walkthrough

RM01 Marine radio is convenient to use, in the fast proframming age, RM01 shortcut key can help users work well and comfortable.

by Cara

As we said before, Retevis’s new Marine radio RM01 is a cost-effective radio for offshore adventures. And the main functions and features have been discussed in the last blog. So, in this blog, we will talk about the RM01 shortcut keys, and how to operate the shortcut key in the fast programming age.

What can you do with the Menu?

  1. Menu+lock to choose the channel band, US, INT, and CA.
  2. Weather channels, Menu+VOL to choose the weather channel.
  3. Call channel programming: press c/16 for a second and choose call channel, press C/16 for 3 seconds when the call and call channel number appeared, and the channel number flashing after heard a prompt beep.
  4. Favorite channel mark, press Menu for a second, setting or cancel single TAG channel. In turn off condition, long press lock and turn on simulation, remove or mark all the channel.
  5. Dual/tri watch switching. Press menu and choose ‘5cdu’, and ‘de’, press menu to start watching. And ‘d’ is dual watch, ‘t’ is tip watch.
  6. Vibration drainage. Press Menu and press the power button to activate, auto-close after 10s.
  7. Weather alarm function. Press Menu and choose ‘alrt’ to turn on/off the function. You can find the sign flashing with an alert beep.
  8. Backlight switch. Press the menu and choose ‘ligh’ to turn on and choose the level, or turn off.
  9. automatic power-saving features. Press Menu, and choose ‘p_sr’ to turn it on or off.
  10. Monitor. Press Menu and choose ‘sqls’, Press ‘Pu’ to monitor when you pressing, but ‘Ho’ to monitor until you cancel the function.

What can we do to use the button on the keyboard?

  1. Press PTT to transmit, release to receive.
  2. Power button. Press the button for 1 second can turn on/off the radio.
  3. CH16 button. Press the button for 1 second can choose the call channel, then press for another 3 seconds can enter call channel programming mode, and press the CH16 button to keep. In menu mode, press the CH16 button to exit.
  4. LOCK/HL button: short press to adjust the high and low power. Press for 1 second can activate the channel lock function.
  5. Menu button. Long press for 3 seconds to activate or remove the TAG channel.
  6. VOL/SQL button. Press the button to adjust the volume, and press again to adjust the squelch, stay for 1-2 seconds to activate the monitor function. Press the button and up button simulated to turn on the maximum volume, press again to turn off. However, if you don’t want to receive the call, how do you do? Press VOL/SQL button and down button simulated to turn on the silent mode.

Hope you have known a lot of information about RM01 Marine radio and the RM01 shortcut key. If any product meets your demand, please contact us for further information. We’re sure your any inquiry or requirement will get prompt attention.

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