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Need more functions but no license? Try Retevis RT10

by Cara

Need more functions but no license? Try Retevis RT10. Business radio always cheap, analog mode, license-free walkie-talkies, however, analog radio may not meet business employees’ needs. So, our RETEVIS RT10 can improve and promote license-free business radio’s function and communication quality.

First, why digital radio is better than analog radio?

Different encode and decode method: digital radio use another kind of coding method. in the digital coding method, the voice can transfer to digital “0” and “1” in logic. And receiver can decode the digital in the same logic, even can repair the lose or hurt part. this coding method can make the voice more clear and less noisy. Also, color code can keep voice and data privacy, it is a kind of way to reduce interference. However, analog radios are not bad, because many license-free business radios are analog radios, so you can easily contact them without programming.

Next, what are the functions of RT10?

Supporting digital and analog mode: that means the users can communicate with digital radio and analog radio. So, users can receive more data and can communicate with more people via RT10.

Private call, group call, and all call: if you are a manager, you can divide the contactors into different groups, and you can change the group to publish or receive groups’ information.

The double time slot can improve the efficiency of channel usage.

Monitor, Scanning, and other basic functions can bring more convenience for users.

Finally, our RT10 with no display, just have two knobs and two side keys, employees cannot change the setting or build a chatting channel.

In additions, RT10 integrate the advantages with digital and analog radios, which can improve more convenient function for users.

If you want to know more parameters about RT10, please visit: https://www.retevis.com/RT10-Two-Way-Radio-for-Business-128-Channel-900-MHz#

Need more functions but no license? Try Retevis RT10.

Retevis RT10 Digital 900MHz Two-Way Radio

New Business License-Free Two-Way Radio Is Coming

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Dale Wagner May 27, 2021 - 3:05 am

Is the firmware user programmable?


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