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Most Powerful GMRS Handheld Radio-Retevis RB75

by Cherry

Most Powerful GMRS Handheld Radio-Retevis RB75

Retevis RB75 is the most powerful GMRS radio, the perfect long range two way radio. Consistent choice for yoru radio communication needs. Featured with high power 5w, with the NOAA weather channel and alert. Whether you are camping, hiking or skiing, the Retevis RB75 keeps you in touch with friends and family.

What’s the features of GMRS handheld Radio Retevis RB75?

1, Wateproof and dustproof function

GMRS radio RB75 Designs to IP67 waterproof & dustproof standards, make it easy to carry in wet and dusty environments.

2, Retevis RB75 is the handheld gmrs radio with repeater capability.

Comes with 30 Channels GMRS frequencies, and last 8 channels (channel 22-channel 30) are repeater channels. You can connect with the GMRS repeater to extend your handheld radio’s communcation range.

3, Long standby working time

Retevis RB75 with the high capacity battery 4500mah, make your work or outdoor activities more secure. Keep connected all the time.

4, VOX

No need to press the PTT, make your hands-free, when you working on a farm or a construction site.

5, Side key buttons.

Retevis RB75 Waterproof Long Standby GMRS Handheld Two-way Radio comes with some side-key buttons, you can define them by software.

6, TOT

Prevent your radio has been used for a long time, also save battery life.

7, Long range communication

With the high power 5w, this Retevis RB75 GMRS radio will reach to longer communication range. We tested RB75 with the range around 3.5km.


Any question about this Most Powerful GMRS Handheld Radio-Retevis RB75, please leave message below or contact us by email: partner@retevis.com



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1 comment

Brian D Radke May 9, 2021 - 11:09 am

Ive recently purchased one of these RB75 radios and cannot find the FCC ID number. Could you please provide me with the number?

Thank you.


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