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More time-saving and efficiency-improving business radio

by Cara

More time-saving and efficiency-improving business radio. For business radio, one of the advantages is that managers can program them but workers cannot. However, if the group has 10 members, even 20 or more members. The manager may spend more time programming the radios. In this case, RB29 has 2 perfect functions to help managers programming quickly.

RB29 wireless copy function business radio

  • wireless copy function

You only need to set up one radio and use the wireless copy function to set up other radios in the same functions. 

How to do it?

Adjusting your radio in channel 2, and press PTT and MONI keys at the same time, the indicator turns green, and the main radio is in the transmit, and you can press the PTT button on another radio, the indicator turns red, and the indicator renew, and the wireless copy is finished. It takes 3 seconds to process. 

  • one key for code function

You can copy the same frequency and CTCSS/DCS to other radios. 

how to do it?

Preparing two radios, you can press PTT and MONI keys to turn on, and the radio will prompt ‘power on 1’, and the indicator turns green, and you can turn to the channel you want to copy, and another radio transmits, the indicator will renew after 4 seconds. And you can hear a prompt beep with green light, it shows the one key for code function successfully.

These two features can help managers improve the ease of use and personalization of business radio.

A commercial walkie-talkie is to improve the efficient communication and work efficiency of commercial activities, the realization of these two functions fully accord with the characteristics of commercial radio.

On another side, the RB29 uses a new efficiency chip. This chip makes the function of the walkie-talkie more stable. Reduces the system error in the process of use, and improves the comfort in use.

In addition, RB29 is a high-cost performance business radio.

More information:

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