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How to Protect Your Walkie Talkie Battery Best

by retevis

If you want long-term storage your walkie talkie battery, preservation charged more desirable, walkie-talkie lithium battery generally require control more than 40%, conditional stored at 15 degree centigrade or even lower temperatures better, at different temperatures and the saturation level amplitude aging They are also different.keep walkie talkie battery best is very important.


How to keep walkie talkie battery best ? Maintenance and use of walkie-talkie batteries

Walkie Talkie original battery are well-designed by manufacturers after numerous and manufactured for the purpose of walkie-talkie customers provide the best performance, the following are a few precautions from RETEVIS about walkie talkie battery . Their maintenance experience can help clients avoid Improper use rechargeable batteries, at the same time. enhanced battery performance and extend battery life .

Retevis RT6 battery keep walkie talkie battery best


DC7.4V 1800mAh RETEVIS RT6 Radio Li-ion Battery Pack

1.To ensure the safe transport of the battery, the battery is not full charged at the factory, in order to ensure the safety of traffic on the way, can not be fully charged, the user after purchase walkie-talkie, should be carried out three times a full charge and full discharge, in order to maximize activate the battery capacity.

2.Be sure to charge the whole night before u use it in the next day to ensure that the battery reaches the maximum storage      capacity.

3.Storage: please placed in dry and ventilated, temperature cool place, Avoid walkie-talkie battery power and reduce the number of charge cycles.

4.Each time you use has been discontinued two months for walkie-talkie batteries, you have to fully discharge point and then fully charged.

5.When u charge new walkie-talkie battery, must be measured after the process is complete before removing from the charger, radio charger indicator turns green before removing the battery state

6.Different battery has different charge time to keep full charge according to your walkie talkie battery capacity.

Above all, it is walkie talkie battery maintenance ,if u have any other question about the walkie talkie battery ,pls tell us immediately.

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