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How to Extend Two Way Radio Range?

by Cherry

Extend two way radio range is very important. Two Way Radios provides the flexible and convient communicate for business and outdoor activites. So lots of people worried about the range. Communication range will limit radio.

How to extend two way radio range?

Usually Two way radios range can be affected by lot of factors. For example you use indoor or outdoor, terriain, or weather and so on. If you are working at the urban, with lots of buildings around you, you should consider choose the long range two way radios.

For little business, the license-free walkie talkies are enough. Usually the range of the license-free radios can reach to 1-3km. And license-free radios with the low power and fixed antenna, so you can not find the way to extend the range.

Here I talk about the way to extend two way radio range, it is for the licensed radios, and some license-free radios.

1, Improve the radio’s antenna

The high gain antenna can help you to extend the range of two way radios. Lot of radios can change the antenna. So if you want to extend your radios range, you can consider to purchase the high gain, longer antenna for your radio.

For MURS radios, as the rule, it is the removable antenna, so if you want to extend your MURS radio’s range, you can try to imporve your radio’s antenna to get it.

2, Connect with the Repeater

Repeaters can help the radios to extend range. The repeater can receive and re-transmit the signal. Like our Retevis RT97, it is the mobile repeater. It will help your radios to extend the range. And if you want to make the repeater with max benefit, please don’t forget to install the antenna in a tall building or tower.

For digital mode two way radios, we have the repeater RT97P, it is the dual mode repeater, will not only help your digital mode radio, but also help your analog mode two way radio to extend the range.

3, Choose a high power and high capacity battery two way radios

If you don’t want to use the repeater, and also don’t want to change a high gain antenna. When choosing two way radios, please choose the high power radio. Usually the high power radio will have the long range communcation.

And  high capacity battery, the range sometimes related to battery power. Low battery will impact your radio’s signal. So when you want to make long range communcation, please make sure your radio’s battery is good.

We Retevis sells different models two way radios to customers all over the world. We have the amateur radio, business radio, waterproof radio, family outdoor radio, kids toy radios and so on. If you have any questions, please leave message below or contact us by email: partner@retevis.com. We will do our best to help the customers find the best two way radios and the best solutions for your needs.

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