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Highly Recommend Mobile radio——Retevis RT95

by James

If you want a mobile radio for your car, Retevis RT95 is highly recommended by many YouTubers.

When someone wants to buy one thing, he has a budget in his mind. For all of us, we must consider the price tag on the products. The price of Retevis RT95 is reasonable, just $119 on our official website. When you buy it during shopping seasons, the price will be lower.


Retevis RT95 has some good features:

1:Mini size, for many testers, their first impression about RT95 is its sturdy body and small size. It doesn’t occupy much space in your car. Some amateurs just use them as a handheld radio.

2:LCD screen: The LCD screen is more clear than the screen, most testers said the screen functions very well. Also, at the bottom of the screen, it shows the voltage of the radio, which will help you to know the working voltage of the radio.

3:Retevis RT95 has 6 side keys, so the users will find it easy to operate with those keys. Whether an amateur band or professional band, you will not regret using it. If you think the programming process is too difficult for you, using the software is more efficient. Except for the software on our official website, the RT95 also supports chirp software. So you can choose the way you prefer.

If you want more details about Retevis RT95, please feel free to leave us a message below or e-mail us at partner@retevis.com




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