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Do you need a build-in Bluetooth FRS Radio for business

by Elsa Jin

Do you need a build-in Bluetooth FRS Radio for business

Not a few customer asked for the bluethooth radio, to free up your hands and makes things more convenient. So there’s a good news! Retevis RB37 build-in Bluetooth FRS Radio is coming!

bluetooth handheld radio

Where are a Bluetooth FRS Radio use?

You can use it for hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, skiiing, or use it in your office or at home, at any scenarios that you want to make hands free, no need take the walkie talkie at hand, just hear and say with bluetooth earpiece is ok. That’s really good, right?

RB37 buildin bluetooth radio

What’s the advantage of RB37 Bluetooth walkie talkie?

The wireless Bluetooth headset reduces the entanglement of the cord; provides convenience for outdoor travel; the small and compact headset can be worn comfortably on the left and right ears
Dedicated Bluetooth headset provides clear crystal sound quality; 90 mAh battery capacity; can be used continuously for 3-4 hours; Type C interface is convenient for charging
Built in 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery; can work continuously for 15-20 hours; standby time is up to 7 days; low battery alarm will remind you to charge in time; TYPE-C charging interface avoids plugging and unplugging troubles
Sturdy and drop-resistant material; dust-proof and drop-proof; durable; will not be easily broken due to poor quality; integrated antenna can be easy placed in a pocket without being stuck or broken
Bring a large caliber flashlight to provide emergency lighting in a dark environment; emergency alarm can let you get assistance in time when you are in danger

flash light

If you have any questions about RB37 Bluetooth walkie talkie, or you are interested in it, please feel free to email to partner@retevis.com. We are always here to support.

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